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      • BD-6000 Infusion Pump
        Time:2018-7-6 15:52:05Access:
        BD-6000 Infusion Pump

        Brand Meditech infusion pump Model: BD-6000

        Brand Meditech Model: BD-6000 infusion pump technique specifications

        Infusion rate range: 1-600 ml/h

        Bolus rate range: 600ml/h

        Double CPU monitoring board, free-door design

        Preset infusion range: 1-9999 ml

        Accumulated volume: 0.1-9999.9ml

        Increment: 1, 10, and 100
        KVO rage: 1ml/h
        (KVO occur after OCCL. alarm)

        Infusion accuracy: ±5% (after being adjusted, up to ±2%)

        Power supply: Widescreen power switch (AC100-240V0), 50Hz/60Hz, fuse, T 2AL 250V

        Battery: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery, 8.4V, 1600mA, when infusion pump is connected to AC power, the battery will start charging automatically

        Max power consumption: 25VA, it can work for more than 4 hours (25ml/h) after being fully charged.

        Infusion pump mechanism: creep mechanism

        Applicable infusion set: national standard infusion set

        Applicable standards: GB/T191-2008, GB8368-2005, GB9706.1-2007, GB9706.27-2005, GB9969.1, GB/T14710-1993, YY0466-2003
        Applicable Environmental condition: Environmental temperature:+5
        --+40, air pressure:(860--1060)hPa, relative humidity:20%--80%

        Displayed information: battery symbol, connect symbol, infusion set symbol, flow rate, flow rate value and unit, preset value, preset value and unit, Accumulated volume, accumulated volume& unit, over, occlusion, air bubble, bed No., pressure value etc.

        Status indication information: Stop. Run, Bolus, KVO

        Alarm function: Over, occlusion, air bubbles, installation error of infusion pipe, abnormal control, no AC power supply, low pressure and serious low battery.
        Air Bubble Detection: At the rate of 600ml/h, the smallest bubbles that can be detected are 0.005ml of volume
        Infusion Pressure: Maximum pressure is 300kPa; occlusion gate value is 39.2kPa-137.2kPa.The longest time to give occlusion alarm is 2 minutes at rate of 25ml/h. And at rate of 5ml/h is 5 minutes.

        Weight: Less than 1.8kg

        Classification: Class II, type BF

        Outer Shell Material: ABS Plastic
        Waterproof grade: IP21


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